7-layer cardboard boxes

In many situations, it may turn out that 3 or 5-ply cardboard boxes have insufficient strength and durability, especially when it comes to goods of significant weight. In response to this demand, we, as one of the few, offer exceptionally durable 7-ply cardboard boxes.

7-ply cardboard boxes

The 7-ply cardboard boxes offered by Eko-Pak possess all the characteristics of 3 and 5-ply cardboard packaging in terms of quality standards and craftsmanship. They comply with ecological standards and the FEFCO catalog. They can be glued or stitched, gray or bleached, and decorated with colorful prints. They have the appropriate rigidity and resistance to crushing.

The 7-ply cardboard boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard with AAC and BCA waves, with a thickness of approximately 13mm. This ensures long-lasting protection against impacts during transportation, atmospheric conditions, and moisture.

7-ply cardboard boxes are primarily used for transporting heavy and expensive goods. They are often used in industries such as metalworking, foundries, and automotive.

Reinforced 7-ply boxes can be palletized with dimensions suitable for standard EURO pallets.

We encourage you to purchase 7-ply cardboard boxes from our company.