corrugated boxes

corrugated boxesCorrugated boxes (also known as folding cartons) are the most popular packaging solution on the market with versatile applications. They are primarily used for transporting various goods, providing protection for the items being shipped.

Corrugated boxes are one of the most popular and versatile packaging materials used in the logistics and warehouse industry. They stand out primarily for their functionality and universality, making them suitable for many different sectors.

What are corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boxes are packaging made of corrugated cardboard. They are constructed from a single piece of cardboard, which is appropriately cut and folded to create a box with distinctive top and bottom flaps or only top flaps. These flaps allow for easy opening and closing of the box and provide additional protection to prevent the contents from falling out. The edges of corrugated boxes can be glued or stapled for durability and strength.

These boxes are sold in a flat form, which means they take up less space in storage and during transportation. Folding corrugated boxes is simple and requires the use of adhesive tape to seal the box.

Corrugated boxes are produced in various sizes and thicknesses, allowing them to be tailored to individual customer needs.

Which industries use corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boxes are used in many different industries, primarily in the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetics, and industrial sectors. They are an ideal solution for manufacturers who require durable and easy-to-store and transport packaging.

In the food industry, corrugated boxes are used for packaging dry products such as pasta, rice, flour, or sugar. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used for packaging medicines and dietary supplements. In the electronics and cosmetics industries, corrugated boxes are used for packaging products such as televisions, LCD TVs, monitors, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, as well as cosmetics, perfumes, and personal care products. In the industrial sector, corrugated boxes are used for packaging various products, including tools, automotive parts, and construction materials.

Advantages of corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes have many advantages that make them a popular choice in the logistics and warehouse industry. Firstly, they are lightweight and easy to carry, which significantly facilitates the work of warehouse employees and logistics personnel. Additionally, corrugated boxes are user-friendly and easy to fold and unfold, saving time and money during the packing and transportation process.

Corrugated boxes are also durable and resistant to damage, ensuring safe storage and transportation of products. Moreover, they are easy to label, allowing for quick and easy identification in warehouses or during transport.

Corrugated boxes offered by EKO-PAK

We offer corrugated boxes made of 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated cardboard, both stitched and glued, with gray or bleached coating. Packaging is available in various sizes. We produce boxes with color printing using flexographic technology (FLEXO).

Our products comply with the international FEFCO packaging catalog.

Corrugated boxes are also referred to as classic boxes, American standard, American box, or RSC (Regular Slotted Container). In the FEFCO catalog, they are designated as FEFCO 201. Corrugated boxes are the most versatile in production because they can be made from any type of corrugated cardboard. Production is carried out using an automatic production line that simultaneously utilizes printing, cutting, gluing, folding, and forming boxes into ready-to-ship packages.

Fast production and ecological solutions

Thanks to our modern production line, we can ensure fast production of corrugated boxes. Our production process utilizes automated technologies for printing, cutting, gluing, folding, and forming boxes that are ready for shipping. This allows us to meet the needs of even the largest cardboard customers, both in Poland and worldwide.

Corrugated boxes and the environment

Corrugated boxes are considered relatively environmentally friendly packaging materials as they are fully biodegradable and recyclable. The recycling process of corrugated boxes is relatively easy and efficient, making the material often used in the production of other packaging such as cardboard tubes or egg cartons.

However, with the increasing amount of used corrugated boxes, challenges related to disposal and recycling of these packages arise, requiring actions to minimize their negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, to minimize the negative impact of corrugated boxes on the environment, companies should adhere to best practices in waste management and recycling and increase the number of corrugated boxes being recycled.

The modern logistics and warehouse industry require not only efficient and safe packaging solutions but also sustainable and ecological ones. Corrugated boxes, due to their advantages, are one of the best choices for companies in these sectors that aim to achieve these goals. It is worth noting that in today's times, where increasing attention is given to environmental protection issues, the choice of environmentally friendly packaging materials is an important element in building a positive company image.

In summary, corrugated boxes are not only functional and durable but also relatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly. In the logistics and warehouse industry, they are essential for the storage and transportation of products. However, to minimize their negative impact on the environment, companies should adhere to best practices in waste management and recycling and seek new solutions for even more sustainable and ecological use of corrugated boxes.

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