Stretch Film

Applications of Stretch Film

Stretch film is used for wrapping products and pallets both manually and with machines. Due to its strength and stretchability, it is highly efficient and durable. This product serves as a natural complement to the packaging process for your products, such as cartons, providing the final protection during transportation against damage, theft, and external factors.

The wide and versatile applications of stretch film make it suitable for various industries, including online sales, food, warehousing, and household use.

For added convenience and speed of use, we also offer practical dispensers for rolls.

Hand Stretch Film

The Highest Quality of Offered Film

Stretch FilmOur stretch film has the best weight-to-core ratio. A typical core for our hand stretch film roll weighs only 300 grams.

The film is available in standard stretches of up to 150% and a thickness of 23 microns in transparent and black colors. The black color ensures privacy during transportation, while the transparent option allows for quick inspection of the pallet's contents without unwrapping the film.

We can also produce rolls with custom stretches and thicknesses, even up to a guaranteed 350% stretch.

Thanks to the high quality of our product, which is made from the best raw materials, our hand stretch film meets the needs of anyone who needs to pack their products quickly, cost-effectively, and securely while maintaining attractive and flexible prices.

We can produce hand stretch film with the customer's preferred roll weight, core, thickness, width, color, and stretch.

Thanks to our continuous production supervision for quality and weight criteria, Eko-Pak can identify any discrepancies and deviations from the standards for each offered product at every stage. We encourage you to check the quality of our products.

Machine Stretch Film

Our offering also includes stretch film wound on larger core diameters (76mm) and with more revolutions. It is designed for use with automatic and semi-automatic wrappers, making it an essential partner in automating the pallet wrapping process.

The film is available in typical stretches of 150%, 200%, 250%, 300%, or 350%, with various thicknesses ranging from 9 microns to 30 microns. These films are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Pre-cut Stretch Film

Pre-cut stretch film can effectively replace baling twine or adhesive tape. It is used for wrapping items such as wooden boards, carpets, cardboard, pipes, panels, or moldings. Typical pre-cut stretch film has a width of 100mm, 150m of winding, and is packaged in sets of 40 rolls per carton. This type of film is known as mini-wrap film.

Pre-cut film is wound on a core with a diameter of 38mm or 50mm. Upon special request, we can also produce rolls with widths of 300mm, 250mm, 125mm, 70mm, and 50mm.

We also offer dispensers for mini-wrap film (handles).

Agricultural Stretch Film "Agrostretch"

Agricultural Stretch Film AgrostretchAgricultural stretch film, known as "for silage," is most commonly used during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It is used to wrap hay or other agricultural products for animal feed. The film is designed to facilitate preservation, i.e., the "ensiling" of the contents while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

It is resistant to weather conditions and sunlight thanks to a 12- or 24-month UV filter. The film is available in white, black, or green, depending on the season of use.

Available widths are 500mm (22kg) and 750mm (28kg). The film has a thickness of 25 microns and yields approximately 25-30 bales per roll.

The length of the film is 1800m for the 500mm roll and 1500m for the 750mm roll. This film is intended for use with mechanical (agricultural) wrappers.

Food Wrap Stretch Film

Food wrap stretch film is used for packaging food and agricultural products. It can be used to create bulk packaging, providing protection against theft, atmospheric conditions, and processes occurring during food storage. These films have PZH certification confirming their suitability for direct contact with food.

Standard film thicknesses: 8 microns, 10 microns, 12 microns, and widths of 300mm and 450mm. Colors: transparent or honey.

Adhesive Tapes (Packaging Tapes)

Adhesive tapes are classified based on the type of adhesive into: acrylic adhesive (water-based), Hot-Melt adhesive (synthetic rubber), and Solvent adhesive (natural rubber).

Based on the type of carrier, adhesive tapes are divided into PP carrier tapes and PVC carrier tapes.

PP carrier tapes are a budget-friendly option and unroll loudly. They are designed for sealing lighter boxes. The carrier's thickness is 25 microns and 28 microns.

PVC carrier tapes are known for easy unrolling and strong adhesion to bonded surfaces. These tapes unroll quietly and are resistant to mechanical damage.

Standard tape colors include transparent, brown, and white.

Standard tape widths: 19mm, 25mm, 48mm, 50mm, 75mm.

Standard tape lengths: 50 yards, 60 yards, 66 meters, 990 yards, 990 meters.

We offer printing on tapes with up to 6 colors and photos.