pallet boxes

Pallet boxes play an increasingly important role in modern logistics based on palletized goods. Palletization is currently the foundation of goods transportation and storage. Without pallet boxes, it would be difficult to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted supply chain.

pallet boxes

Undoubtedly, pallet boxes, specially designed cardboard boxes with dimensions adapted to pallet standards, play a huge role in this system. Pallet boxes, also sometimes called pallet containers or pallet boxes, can provide protection against mechanical damage during transportation as well as atmospheric conditions and moisture.

Eko-Pak offers pallet boxes made of 5-ply cardboard and extremely durable boxes made of 7-ply cardboard. We produce them in two dimensions adapted to standard EURO pallets:

Durable pallet boxes are usually used for storing and shipping large and heavy loads on pallets, such as metal and cast iron components, automotive parts, etc. However, they can be used in any other industry where there is a need to transport goods on pallets by land or sea.

We invite manufacturers and distributors to purchase pallet packaging from our company. We provide attractive prices and good cooperation.